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Updated: Feb 13, 2023

Many of us find excuses not to change our lifestyle when we know it really needs it, and why do we do this?

Well there’s fear - Fear of not being as fit as we want to be. Fear that someone might disprove or make fun of our changes. Fear of failure. All of these come down to one thing, we let our inner voice take over, the one that stops us from making mistakes. It’s there for a very good reason and we are right to listen to it, it’s the panic alarm for our life. However when you let that inner voice be such a huge beacon that it over shadows all of your life choices, that’s when it turns into fear and it stops all change.

Changing your mindset is the hardest of them all, it is extremely daunting. But by making that inner voice a little bit smaller and overriding its objections from time to time, it can make you feel empowered and a lot healthier.

So how do we change?

We start by changing one thing! Changing more than this is a huge leap, and one many are not ready for, and that causes the fear. My advice with fitness is simple, find something that makes you happy. So if dancing makes you happy go onto YouTube and search for dance workouts, they have some great routines to raise your heart rate. If you’re into cleaning get cleaning, that’s a great workout. Look for something simple that doesn’t make you roll your eyes. You will find that you feel so much better afterwards, and you haven’t put any pressure on yourself to make a change you’re not ready for.

With regards to nutrition, ask yourself “do I need this?” If the answer is no, all you do is put it to one side mentally and it’s there if you change your mind. You’re not saying no and restricting yourself, which leads to cravings and then over consuming. You’re merely putting it to one side to make a better choice. I have a rule, if I am still thinking about what I said no to 3 days later, I have it, and because I’m not restricting it I don’t over eat it, I have what I need and move on.

Give it a try, and then ask yourself “how do I feel?” If you feel empowered and good about this decision then you have made the right choice. See that’s another word that defines your mindset, choice. You are big enough to make your own choices and the choices you make define the life you lead.

Start today. Make your choices, make that inner voice pipe down and start by changing one thing. You will soon find yourself feeling better with more energy to start adding other types of workouts into your week. You may start with a dance workout, causing you to realise you’re not as flexible as you used to be. That will lead you to maybe start some Yoga, and then you will come across beginner workouts that aren’t as bad as you once thought. Before long your inner voice has moved onto something else, but you will be fitter and feeling more energised.

I called my company The Balance because I wanted to offer my knowledge of real fitness and nutrition, to help people make choices that fit their lifestyle and goals.

If you are not yet a member take advantage of my free trial page and check out the tools I am offering to assist with your life changes. If you are already a member, check out my intro to fitness and nutrition guides, they are based on the change one thing concept I have discussed today, no dieting just knowledge.

Stay happy, stay healthy, Gem x

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